Discover the Science Behind this Integrative Approach and Photobiomodulation Therapies

Dig into the research showing the efficacy of the methods used in this approach.

Extensive research in laser therapies can found on the American Society for Laser Acupuncture Therapy:

Plus, here are additional research specific for some of the methods used in the FAST method of chronic soft tissue pain treatment:

Get the latest from HanLin CIM on innovative approaches, training opportunities, and laser therapies:

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Heal Pain with the FAST Method

Discover how to heal soft tissue pain effectively within 5-10 sessions with an innovative integration of therapies in our FAST method certification program for acupuncturists. And have a unique and valuable service to grow your practice.

Discover How to Heal Soft Tissue Pain Consistently and Effectively within 5-10 Sessions, and Grow Your Acupuncture Practice

The FAST method certification program with Steve Liu teaches you his innovative method that combines acupuncture, laser therapies, and bodywork into a treatment that resolves soft tissue pain. When patients feel persistent relief, they spread the word. This has created a busy and profitable practice for Steve for over 25 years.